What’s this about?

My name is Micah. My wife Barbara and I live in Prague, Czech Republic Shanghai, China. This blog is just a way to keep in touch with people and, perhaps more importantly, share the tidbits we pick up about the place we travel in. I hope the site will be useful to anyone who’s planning to get off the beaten track a little bit and would like some faces to put to the names of places in Lonely Planet.

I hope you enjoy what you see – unless otherwise stated, anything I put up here is Creative Commons – meaning you’re welcome to do what you like with it, as long as you don’t sell it without giving me whatever spare change you can get for it 😉

If you get in touch via the comments, I’m happy to send any additional information I can about any of the places we stay.

Please direct all complaints here.

-Micah and Bara



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