Head for the hills

Hello peoples! Bara and I, after much deliberation, have decided to go to India for our summer holiday. It’s going to be a working holiday, that much is clear already, but we’re very much looking forward to it. We leave Prague tomorrow afternoon for Delhi, catch our breath and head up North. Our planned stops are: Manali, Leh, Padum and Kargyak. Some of these places have plumbing 😉

There are two projects we’re working on along the way. First off, there will be some new material for the Netbeans On the Road site, which is listed in the blogroll. Second up, we’re going to shoot some documentary footage of a friend’s project in Kargyak. There’s more about that project in the Surya School link.

Here is a map of our planned route.

Along the way, we’ll probably try to rest a bit and enjoy the people and sites. We’ll post pictures whenever we find some internets lying around, and video will be up when we get back. Wish us luck, and thanks for taking a look!


Micah and Bara


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6 responses to “Head for the hills”

  1. Honza says :

    Relax, enjoy, take care! 🙂

  2. csabo says :

    why does the photo of you two look like it comes from a “jesus saves” leaflet? csabo wants to know…

  3. themicah says :

    Dear Csabo, Bara and I look like missionaries because we have a plan. Do you know what that means? No? Well, you know the poo you wiped on my jeans with your stinky little paw? The poo you collected whilst rummaging in the compost heap against the unexpressed wishes of your human master? Yes, you know that poo. Imagine that you could have that poo on your paw every day of the week… if only you did a few things first. That’s a plan! Hope you enjoy reading this: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/33940

  4. randy says :

    OK. So, you’re there 2 days now. What’s it like? Have you met anyone? Where’s the update? Where are the pics already ??

  5. randy says :

    wow. sorry about the nasty arrival but glad you are at least able to breath clean air again. We are especially sorry that you did not get in touch with Anujeet and suspect that much unpleasantness might have been avoided . . . In any case – hope that things continue to improve from this point on and hope you will be able to see her on your return.

  6. ruth arban says :

    hey guys, looks like all is well and that you are having a great time as expected!! Keep us updated, and enjoy it here it is 40 degrees here and disgusting…..great pics! Petr and Ruth

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